U. K Community

Kackottumoola Community members in UK are very active  in religious, cultural and charitable activities. A kackottumoola'te of UK has hosted a web site (www.josekackottumoola.com). This site provide information and picture gallery of events both in Kackottumoola and UK (helpful for kackottumoolates).

Dubai Community

Members of Kackottumoola youth working in the UAE conducted kackottumoola church feast of December,2006. Such type of ventures were taken by Kackottumoola youth UAE community previously also. This youth group maintain close contacts between them in UAE also.

Oman Community

Since long time lot of kackottumoola'tes were working in Oman, but most of the prominent figures returned back recently. At the moment kackottumoola'tes working in Oman are on the decrease. Recently some members of Oman Community took initiative and conducted Church feast December 2007

Qatar Community

Lot of kackottumoola'tes are working in Qatar since long time. Number of young kackottumoola'tes  working in Qatar has increased considerably in the recent years. Members of kackottumoola community members are active in religious activities. The religious site www.holytrinity.tv is worth and interesting to see.


Above all lot of kackottumoola'tes spreaded across other European Countries, Australia, Canada and USA.


All are invited to provide creative works, articles, news, notifications, suggestions.

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