Kackottumoola is a ward of Mayyanad Village, bordered by Paravoor Lake on two sides.

Based on information passed on by generations, it is believed that the  ancestors of kackottumoola were mainly  Marthoma Christians, Brahmins & Nair community. Especially the ancestors tells the story of some of kackottumoolates origin from the Ettuveetil pillai family members who migrated to kackottumoola to escape the persecution of the then naduvazhi(Ruler) – Marthanda Varma.

Most of the descendants of Ettuvittil pillai family who migrated to Kackottumoola became Marthoma Christians, along with our Ancestral kackottumoolat’s.

History of Marthoma Christians in Kollam diaosis as a whole, root back to the era of St. Thomas – Jesus Christ’s One among the 12 Apostle who came to Kerala, including kollam to preach Christianity. It is said that he made so many churches in different parts of Kerala, including in kollam. A wealth of information on St. Thomas is provided on the following web site, including references to his preaching’s in kollam


After the establishment of Pullichira church, kackottumalates started following Roman catholic denomination.

Since 1925 the inhabitants of Kackottumoola shown the tendency of opting for international jobs in Ceylon (the present Sri-Lanka), Malaysia etc. When the job prospects of these countries reduced some people came back whereas others moved to other nations in the west like UK, Australia, USA etc. Most of those who moved to the west are Citizens. At present in UK and Gulf Region there are so many families well established. Moreover recently a few kackottumoolates migrated to Canada, Australia and Newzeland.

Surely the social and cultural influence of these foreign kackottumoolates has greatly influenced in the social arena of kackottumoola.

It is very important to remember about the immense and respectful contribution of local population in the Socio-Economic arena of kackottumoola. Main Business during the early stages of the previous centaury were Lake bed sand excavation, Embroidery work.  Coir business etc.

But as of now most of the youngsters in kackottumoola are working in Gulf Region, especially in countries like Dubai, Oman and Qatar. Also to note that a small proportion of kackottumoolates do private business, work in private sector and government jobs, do local based business like Catering, Photography etc.

The kackottumoola church, has a history of over 50 devotional years. The church has daily / Sunday Services, attended by most of its members. Four prayer groups are working Under the Co-ordination of the church,, conducting weekly / monthly prayer meetings. They are 1) DevaMatha 2)Amalothbhava Matha 3) KanyakaMatha 4) SwargarohithaMaha groups. Charitable activities were also conducted under the co-ordination of these groups.

To conclude it is very important to mention that deep dedication and devotion to god is a way of life for all kackottumoolates at all times.

Important Nos
Sl Name Phone
1 Sacred Heart Church  0474-2556160
2 Ajapalana Samithy Office 9995136368
3 Bishop House - Kollam 0474-2796140
4 SS Samithy Abhayakendram - pullichira 0474-25556956
5 Potta Asram - Chalakkuday - Trichur 0480-2708714
6 Holy Cross Hospital - Kottiyam 0474-2530121 to 23
7 Benzigar Hospital - Kollam 0474-2768220 to 24
8 Upasana Hospital - Kollam 0474-2742198
9 Airport - Thiruvananthapuram 0471-2501426
10 Railway Enquiry 131(In Kollam)
11 Superintend of Police (Kollam) 0474-2764422
12 Circle Inspector (Chathanoor) 0474-2593250
13 Sub Inspector (Kottiyam) 0474-2530100
14 Current Meter Reading 1501(In Kollam)
15 Details of Telephone Bill 1671, 1672 (In kollam)
16 Mayyanad Govt. Hospital 0474-2555050
17 Dr. Sheya Hospital 0474-2556631
18 DJM Hospital 0474-2555226
19 Mayyanad Post Office 0474-2555230
20 Kackottumoola Post Office 0474-2555370
21 Mayyanad Panchayath Office 0474-2555266
22 Railway station - Mayyanad 0474-2555237


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